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C’mon, we know you’ve wondered.
It is the water in your house, the water along your curb, or the check in your sewer bill payment. Our work brings it back to the environment, and it all comes back to you.
All the stuff you flush. The water washing down your driveway to the street drain on the curb. The check you write to pay your bill for “sewer service.” Where does it go?

In northeast Ohio, “it” all goes back to the environment and it all comes back to you. But don't worry: we get “it” first.

We are the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District. We treat wastewater for residents across the region, and your sewer bill payments are an investment in that service we provide. We clean the water and invest in projects which benefit the region, 24/7, 365.

So if you ever wondered... from Wally Waterdrop on Vimeo.

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